Will the IVGID General Manager be Replaced?

The IVGID Board of Trustees is scheduled to do a performance review of the General Manager, Indra Winquest, on June 14 at 6 pm in the IVGID Board Room. If the date for this meeting changes, we will let you all know. It appears that there is a possibility that a three-member majority of the Board may decide to replace the GM. Last year Trustee Schmitz rated his performance very poorly, and it is likely she will do so again. If two other Trustees follow her lead, they may call for Mr. Winquest to be replaced. This would be a terrible loss for the Incline Village / Crystal Bay community, as Mr. Winquest has served the Distrct faithfully for many years, is uniquely familiar with all aspects of IVGID’s operations, has the full support of IVGID staff, and has successfully managed the District through COVID, staffing challenges, record winter snowfalls, and a host of other trials. He also has the respect and support of a great many local residents.


Unfortunately, Winquest and his staff have also been subjected to harassment, false allegations and slander by a small but vocal and hostile group of perpetually aggrieved residents at Board meetings and on social media.  Some 15 complaints have been filed with the State Ethics Commission, which failed to find any substantive ethics violations. Furthermore, some of the Trustees, particularly Trustee Schmitz, have made it extremely difficult for Mr. Winquest to conduct the business of the District, and have constantly disparaged and attempted to micromanage his administrative staff.


Thus, these Trustees may encourage Mr. Winquest to continue as G.M. despite this antagonistic environment, or ask him to resign (though he has on multiple occasions indicated that he very much wants to continue serving our community in this role), or they may take some other measures that eventually lead to his replacement.


Regardless of how this might play out, we are asking members of this community to show up at this Board meeting to support Mr. Winquest, or if necessary, to express your displeasure with these Trustees if Mr. Winquest is forced to relinquish his role. You could also write to the Trustees to express your approval of the way the G.M. has handled his job and dealt so professionally with such a challenging work environment.


You can send emails from your email app to the Trustees by clicking on the links below:


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