IVGID’s Staff Deserves Our Support

During a ten-day period in the month of February, 2023, 125 residents, property owners, and business owners in the Incline Village / Crystal Bay community added their names to the following Letter of Appreciation and Support for IVGID Staff and Management, and this letter was delivered to the IVGID staff and the Board of Trustees on 2/22/2003.  An additional 45 Newsletter subscribers also indicated their support for this initiative after the letter had been submitted to the Board.  The Invest in Incline Advocacy Network would like to thank all those who participated in this, the Network’s first, advocacy initiative.  You should know that many of the IVGID employees have already expressed their thanks to you for your support and encouragement.  


This was the letter submitted to the staff and the Board with appended names:


Letter of Appreciation and Support for IVGID Staff and Management

February, 2023


To IVGID Management, Staff, and Trustees:


The following is a letter of appreciation and support directed to IVGID staff and management from the members of the IV/CB community whose names are appended to this letter.   


In the last several months and years some vocal members of the Incline Village and Crystal Bay community have engaged in personal attacks on the character and integrity of IVGID management and staff.  These attackers have used innuendo and inflammatory and baseless assertions to:

  • undermine confidence in IVGID,
  • demoralize and distract IVGID staff,
  • disparage the professionalism and good intentions of IVGID management, and
  • create ill will towards these staff members.

The resulting impact on staff retention at IVGID has been damaging to the entire community; and many of our residents find this behavior indefensible and inappropriate.


We believe nearly all the members of our community have found the staff and management of IVGID to be both responsive to the needs of our residents, and reliable in the performance of their duties as employees of the General Improvement District.  Of course, there is always room for improvement, but overall we feel that General Manager Winquest, his senior staff and expert consultants, and the entire team of IVGID employees, have provided superior services on behalf of IV/CB residents and property owners.  This is evident in:

  • the quality of the amenities and facilities that this staff maintains,
  • the programs the staff supports,
  • the courtesy of the staff towards residents and visitors, and      the effectiveness of the decisions made by IVGID management.   


We also appreciate the way that IVGID staff have involved themselves directly in various community events, activities, and organizations.  Unfortunately, IVGID does not hear as often from those who are satisfied with their performance as it does from the vocal few who never seem satisfied with anything having to do with IVGID.


We hope that IVGID staff will take some measure of reassurance and pride from this letter of support and appreciation from the undersigned members of our (and their) community, and that the Board of Trustees of the District will also take note.


Sincerely, the undersigned residents, property owners and business operators of IV/CB:


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