Current Initiatives

Listed below are the current Invest in Incline advocacy initiatives with links to informational documents and descriptions of each initiative’s rationale, goals, and proposed actions. 

Why Sara Voted NO on the Recreation Center Expansion

Why did Trustee Schmitz vote NO on the Recreation Center Expansion plan, resulting in the loss of a $25.6M grant from the Duffield Foundation to pay for the project?  Some emails between Sara and GM Winquist prior to the vote might help answer this question, and distinguish between the truth and political spin.

Mick Homan’s Advice to the IVGID Board re: the Dobler Letter

Prior to the 9/27/2023 IVGID Board Meeting, Mick Homan sent an email to the Board of Trustees advising them not to take legal action against the former HR Director for releasing a copy of the letter sent to Mr. Dobler.  This letter suspended Dobler from using the golf courses for three months because of inappropriate interactions with IVGIID Staff.  It is good advice: the Board should listen.

Political Platform Backed by Recall Supporters

This platform was submitted to Invest in Incline by the Committee to Recall Trustees Schmitz and Dent.  The Committee developed this platform when it became apparent that it was likely there would be sufficient signatures collected on the Recall petitions to qualify for a Recall Election.  They wanted to indicate the candidate platform they would support for those seeking to replace Trustees who were successfully recalled in the Special Election.

Former IVGID Director of Finance Paul Navazio Sets the Record Straight

Paul Navazio, former Director of Finance of Incline Village General Improvement District, sets the record straight about financial issues confronting IVGID, and the underlying cause of these and other issues that have precipitated the effort to Recall Trustees Schmitz and Dent

What’s Really Happening With IVGID Financials

The following is a NEW report from Mick Homan on the status of IVGID financials, without all the hype, innuendo, and hysteria.  It is a bit of a read but comes across as genuine and accurate.

Mick Homan’s Audit Committee Resignation Letter

This post reveals Mick Homan’s letter of resignation from the IVGID Audit Committee, and it deserves to be read by every IV/CB resident and property owner.  It is a clear depiction of the ethical issues that confront our community as a result of the actions taken by Trustees Schmitz and Dent and Tulloch over the last several months, and more.

Did Trustee Dent Mislead the Community on Ethics Commission Advice?

At the August 9, 2023 IVGID Board meeting, Chairman Dent decided not to abstain from voting to appoint Cliff Dobler to the Capital Investment Committee.  He implied that this decision was based on verbal advice he received from the ‘his friends at the Ethics Commission’; but the Ethics Commission doesn’t give elected officials this kind of advice.

Will Incline Lose Control of Local Public Schools? – Updated Again

The Washoe County School District is considering a plan to combine different school communities based on facility usage, grade levels, and attendance data; and changing policy to undermine local participation in these decisions. Closing Incline Middle School is on the list of Early Action Projects.  This is the second update on this initiative.

Past Initiatives

Listed below are the previous Invest in Incline advocacy initiatives with links to informational documents and descriptions of each initiative’s rationale, goals, actions taken, and results.

Invest in Incline Proposes Code of Conduct for Public Speakers

Invest in Incline sent a letter to the IVGID Board of Trustees proposing a Code of Conduct for public speakers at IVGID Board meetings in an effort to bring civil discourse back to these hearings.  This letter included a rationale, a sample Code of Conduct and meeting process, and an analysis of legal and regulatory considerations.  Email the Board of Trustees to let them know you support this Code of Conduct for Public Speakers initiative at:

Will the IVGID General Manager be Replaced?

Some of the Trustees of the IVGID Board are poised to replace the General Manager, Indra Winquist, in a move that is both unwarranted and inappropriate, and would be very damaging to the IV/CB community.  Time to take action.

IVGID’s Staff Deserves Our Support

Public comments, from a small number of people, have had a very negative impact on the morale of our IVGID employees. It was time to let these employees know the rest of us appreciate them. A letter of support was submitted to the Board of Trustees with 125 names of residents and property owners.